Chicherova: to return to the sport-inspired jumping Laecken

Olympic champion in the high jump Anna Chicherova admitted that to pursue a career in 2020 inspired by her compatriot, Maria Laecken.

“It’s so cool! Glad I decided to come back. Happy that it happened. In younger years could not even count what you can with such frequency jump and that it will be high.

When looking at the jumping Laecken how easily she does it, it was inspiration. Realized that I love the sport, love what I do, that I wanted to go again on track.

Since childhood biggest dream was to take the height of 210 cm Realize that time is running out, but I tell myself: don’t ever give up the dream. We must somehow logically complete this chain, once involved in the process. I will act till the end of the Olympic cycle. And then we’ll see”, — quotes Chicherova “Match TV”.


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