Chess Karjakin: the decision on suspension of the tournament — late

Russian chess player Sergey Karjakin commented on the decision to suspend the tournament, which takes place in Yekaterinburg, because of the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection.

“If the players presented a United front with racabov, if at least one player supported him — none of this would have happened. But the fact is that chess is individual sport, and GMS used that every man for himself, unfortunately. That is why no one to support him, and we eventually got what we got.

The decision to suspend — late. I do believe that this tournament was not worth spending. Before the sports Ministry made a statement that you have to cancel all the tournaments, but FIDE did not listen to them. This has been a Wake-up call, because I have discussed this with many players. And they all said that to start it. If cancel all tournaments so nothing bad happened, better not to start this one. In the end it came down to perseverance, and it was, to put it mildly, obscure.

A hundred percent on precautionary measures I don’t know because I was on the inside. But from what I heard: during the day the participants visited on two previous occasions and had separate entrances from the participants and spectators. That is, participants were isolated and not with the audience do not overlap. In the circumstances the tournament organizers in Yekaterinburg have done quite a lot. Simanovsky, Andrey M. was very ill during the tournament and wanted him to perform at the highest level. I understand his desire, but he became a hostage of the circumstances.

As I understand it, can still fly home on scheduled flights, so I hope they will get home. Talked with Ian Nepomniachtchi. Russians to Moscow will definitely get, to be precise — they are already there. And on the other — I watched flights, there are flights to Beijing and in Washington. With transfers, but there is. One of these days these flights will be cancelled, so it’s better to do it now,” said Karjakin in conversation with the correspondent of “Championship” Pavel Levkovich.


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