Charleston Tournament: Paula Badosa’s great pitch | sports

    Charleston Tournament: Paula Badosa’s great pitch | sports

    Badosa celebrates his win against Barty in the Charleston tournament.

    It is no coincidence, quite the contrary. When last year ended and this one started, Paula Badosa noticed that her tennis had grown and her feelings had skyrocketed. The 23-year-old Spaniard says that the time has come to explore other limits and her ambition was certified at dawn this Saturday, when she achieved the most important victory of her career on the gray sand of Charleston by beating Ashleigh Barty for 6-4 and 6-3, in 1h 16m.

    “It was a personal exam. He wanted to show me that I could compete against players like that ”, declared the Spaniard, who virtually climbed to 62nd place in the ranking of the WTA and today (around 9:00 pm, DAZN) will be measured for a place in the final to the Russian Veronika Kudermetova, superior to the North American Sloane Stephens (6-3 and 6-4). “Everything is going to stay the same. I have always had high expectations and goals in my life, “added the Catalan, happy after knocking down number one and underlining that she is serious.

    Last year, after having hit bottom emotionally, Badosa decided to take a radical turn. He found in Javier Martí an ideal partner on the bench and began to take flight with a hopeful round of 16 at Roland Garros, where he had been proclaimed junior champion in 2015. Later, he suffered an unpleasant episode in Australia, where he tested positive for coronavirus and landed in the Open with just one leg workout. Despite this, he warned: “I feel like I can do important things.”

    In Lyon it already reached the penultimate round and this week it shines with its own light in Charleston, eager to give the occasional bell in the dirt tour that is taking shape. “It was a personal exam. He wanted to show me that I could compete against players like that, “he said after beating Barty. “I try to play every game the same way. I just beat number one and I’m kinda on shockbut I’ll try to eat dinner normally, I’ll get up tomorrow [por hoy] and I’ll play another game, “he said.

    “I will try to keep everything normal. When I was younger and achieved some more outstanding results, it was too much for me. So now I try to keep my feet on the ground ”, continued the Catalan, born in New York and living in Barcelona; “I have always had high expectations and goals in my life. I have never known when they would arrive and they have not arrived yet. Everything comes slowly, I go game by game and I’m going to give one hundred percent ”.

    As she made her way into the American tournament, good news also came from Marbella. Carlos Alcaraz, 17, defeated Norwegian Casper Ruud (6-2, 6-4, in 1h 18m) and became the youngest tennis player to reach the semifinals of a 250 category tournament since German Alexander did. Zverev in Hamburg 2014, also 17. He also follows in the footsteps of Rafael Nadal, the last player to reach the penultimate round of an ATP tournament as a minor. Now, the Mallorcan Jaume Munar will be measured knowing that he is 118th on the list and that if he wins the trophy on Sunday, he will access the top-100. I mean, Alcaraz is still fired.

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