Charlene of Monaco has not yet returned home: the road ahead is long and painful

Charlene of Monaco has not yet returned home: the road ahead is long and painful

Charlene of Monaco absent, Albert alone with the twins at the party

Charlene of Monaco she doesn’t go home yet, she stays in South Africa where she is blocked due to one severe throat, nose and ear infection. And he unleashes his frustration by talking about the difficult period he is going through. “I miss my husband and my children very much.”

Speaking on Channel24, Charlene of Monaco she told how the distance from her family made her suffer, but the greatest sorrow was living the 10th wedding anniversary away from her husband Alberto.

The couple got married on 1 July 2011 with a civil ceremony and the following day with a religious rite. Married in the same year as William and Kate Middleton, the anniversary of the Princes of Monaco was much sadder. Thousands of miles away and with Charlene’s health concern that he underwent two surgeries to overcome the infection that hit her.

To feel less alone and to make all her love for Alberto felt, the Princess shared on Instagram a touching video. In fact, Charlene just pointed out in the Channel24 interview that what made her suffer the most: “was when my medical staff told me I couldn’t go home for my 10th wedding anniversary.” And then, with unusual confidence, he confessed: “Alberto is my rock, my strength and without his love and support I would not have been able to overcome this painful moment“.

Albert of Monaco had flown to South Africa with the twins, Jacques and Gabriella, a few weeks ago to spend a few days next to his wife who it has been blocked for almost two months without being able to return to Montecarlo, thus skipping important events, from the Festa di San Giovanni to the Formula 1 GP in Montecarlo.

A few days ago she was making herself heard again on his Instagram profile to thank for the affection received on the occasion of his sad wedding anniversary: ​​“To all our families, friends and loved ones. Thank you for your love and support and for the generosity we have received over this decade ”.

In an official note, Charlene’s great difficulties and suffering are reiterated, forced to stay away from Alberto and the twins for so long, but a trip would compromise her recovery from the serious infection that struck her. “The road ahead is long and painful“.


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