Celta: Emre Mor closes another expendable season

    Celta: Emre Mor closes another expendable season

    Tto be known that Emre Mor will be approximately five weeks off, after having been operated for pubalgia who has been suffering in recent months, the Turkish-Danish footballer practically says goodbye to the season. You will only be able to participate in the last two days of a championship again for him disappointing.

    And that the season began for the Celtic in an exciting way. He made a remarkable preseason that helped him to continue in Vigo, despite the fact that Celta looked again and until the month of September your possible departure.

    At the start of the season, Emre Mor accumulated four consecutive starts but then he did not return to eleven until the 19th day. And since then he will no longer repeat in it, between substitutions and pubalgia. The last game in which he intervened was on January 24, he participated 45 minutes in the tie against Eibar.

    In the league championship add 498 minutes, distributed in eleven meetings, in addition I played the two cup games in which he scored a goal and gave an assist.

    Regardless of the physical problems that have accompanied you this season, Emre Mor has not met expectations again and Celta will put it back on the market this summer. It will be the last time as the footballer faces his last year of contract.

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