Carey Price has enjoyed his feat

Carey Price a savouré son exploit

Photo: Minas Panagiotakis, Getty Images, Agence France-Presse
The goalkeeper, 31-year-old is not the most expressive, but he was able to appreciate the magnitude of the feat he had just accomplished ahead of Jacques Plante winning a 315th game with the Habs.

For a rare time, Carey Price took the time to savour his feat on Tuesday night, after he became the goalie with the most wins in the history of the Canadian.

Price is entered in the locker room and took a picture with all his teammates, before emerging to greet the crowd of the Bell Centre as the first star in the 3-1 win to the Detroit Red Wings.

The goalkeeper, 31-year-old is not the most expressive, but he was able to appreciate the magnitude of the feat he had just accomplished ahead of Jacques Plante winning a 315th game with the Habs.

“I came in the locker room to celebrate with my teammates, said Price after the game. These guys have worked extremely hard for us to take. It was also special to share this moment with the supporters. “

In his march towards the record Plant, Price has also been ahead of Georges Vezina, George Hainsworth, Bill durnan arena, Ken Dryden and Patrick Roy.

The portraits of the many legends of the team are displayed above the lockers of the players in the locker room of the Canadian at the Bell Centre. The Plant is also. Price has admitted to not know large-thing of Plant. What he knows, he learned from his father, Jerry, a goaltender drafted by the Philadelphia Flyers in 1978.

“I think they have all played very strong for this team,” said Price about the former players represented in the locker room. I believe that the majority of people who have worn this jersey gave it their all on the rink. I am proud to be a part of it. “

According to Brendan Gallagher, it is also thanks to a willingness phenomenal, that Price is now the goalkeeper with the most victories in the history of the team. “This is the result of a lot of work, and it is well deserved, said Gallagher on Wednesday morning about the feat of his teammate. We see it every day. There is a reason why he is the best goalkeeper in the world and that he has the respect of everyone across the league. All those around can see how it is competitive, how he always fights until the end and it makes us seem better than we are. “

“I know that this is a special moment for him. He has experienced a lot of things in this city, with this team. And his career is far from over, which is even more special. “

Despite the feat accomplished Tuesday and even though it is difficult, if not impossible, to find someone that gravitates around the NHL to be critical in its analysis of the career of Price, the Columbian still does not make unanimity among the proponents. Some are still bitter to have seen the direction of the Canadian prefer Price to Jaroslav Halak after the spectacular course of the Slovak language in the spring of 2010. Others believe that the Canadian would have been an advantage to draft Anze Kopitar in 2005, thereby addressing the recurring problem of finding a big number one centre.

For this reason, the more amazing seeing Price pre-empt Plant in terms of victories is may be the fact that it is now in its 12th season to play in the pressure of the montreal market.

“The supporters are demanding, but at the same time, they are the best supporters in the world, insisted head coach Claude Julien. I don’t think there’s any better place to accomplish what Carey has accomplished. It is to his credit. “

The former goalie Olaf Kolzig, who has developed a fraternal relationship with Price during his stay with the Americans in Tri-City in the junior, did not hesitate to describe a version that is more critical of the mentality of the montreal market.

“In Montreal, you are judged according to what you have done lately, he recently stated during an interview with The canadian Press. There will be praise, but if he loses the next game, the critics will come and he will face the storm. “

If Canada fails to qualify for the playoffs, the plateau reached by Price on Tuesday may be a footnote in the summary of the season. But if the team participates in the tournament of the end of the season and managed to cause a surprise or two, we bet that Price will have had a say in the success of his own, as is the case for a little over a decade.