Canvas cancels ‘Moped at sea’ book program

Canvas cancels ‘Moped at sea’ book program

Books and TV, the combination has never been easy. With Moped at sea apparently VPRO has not yet found the ideal recipe. After one season, the VRT decides to no longer broadcast the book program on Canvas. The ratings remained sluggish throughout the season. Average achieved Moped at sea 39,265 viewers, accounting for 2.4 percent market share.

After the first episode, which clocked in at a meager 54,000 viewers, it still sounded at the VRT: “You don’t make a book program for the viewing figures, but because you think it is important. The power of Canvas is that you can make these kinds of programs for a smaller audience.” Now it is the viewing figures that have made the difference. “Canvas is the channel par excellence that dares to experiment with formats,” says VRT spokesman Hans Van Goethem. “But after the first series, you must also honestly have the courage to evaluate the reach and social impact of a program. Unfortunately, the range was much too low. That figure also barely increased online. Then you have to draw conclusions.”

Divided Opinions

Moped at sea was made by the Dutch channel VPRO. Opinions on the chosen format, with two author interviews, book tips by the presenters, a reading club and a ‘writing booth’, were divided from the start. In the Netherlands, the program started with 137,000 viewers and, after a deep trough of 77,000 viewers, ended with 105,000 viewers. Enough for VPRO to give the book program a second season. Radio voice Ruth Joos and co-presenter Wilfried de Jong will again take over the presentation.

Which Moped at sea If there is no follow-up to Canvas, according to VRT spokesperson Hans Van Goethem, this does not mean that literature is no longer receiving attention to the public appeal: “At the VRT we do not let go of the book. There is a lot planned for the coming months.” For example, Langzullenwe, the VRT’s book platform, provides book tips all summer long in collaboration with bookshops in Flanders. Coming in the fall winter time with Wim Helsen back to Canvas, and Thomas Vanderveken will Only Elvis survives received three authors.

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