Cannavaro — about coronavirus: meeting with the monster heavy because there’s no precedent

Former Italy defender Fabio Cannavaro, who heads the Chinese club “Guangzhou Evergrande”, spoke about the suppression of coronavirus in China.

“This is a positive message for us Italians and for the rest of the world. The disease can be eradicated, but we need to be serious and organized. Meeting with the monster was difficult because there were no precedents. A sense of community and the fundamental value of life took over. The price of the victims is a lesson that is understandable to the world.

In Italy we understand the virus better than most others, and we are on the right track. The behavior of the majority is correct, even if some of them are just trying to understand it. My father, for example, is not inclined to understand what needs to change everyday habits for themselves and their families. He wants to buy cigarettes in a tobacco shop and chat with friends. I gave him to understand that he is at risk for infection and infect the mother. Don’t want to judge anyone. I understand those who want to return to her family, but it is a serious mistake”, — quotes the words of Cannavaro La Gazzetta dello Sport.

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