Button: the salary of pilots is necessary to include in the budget a limit of teams

Ongoing around the world crisis could not leave Formula 1, and more and more experts are raising the question of the wages of the pilots. Former world champion Jenson button believes that not all riders are willing to reduce salary, but he sees a way to include the contracts of pilots in the overall budgetary limit of the groups f-1.

“This is a very difficult question. We have six or seven pilots who earn a lot of money. And the rest of the grid – no. Some even bring themselves to command the money their sponsors.

But a few pilots that get fantastic fees. Salaries have increased since then, as I was a racer f-1. And where there is a lot of money, there is always complexity.

For example, you have a contract with a certain amount of money, and now propose to abandon the part in favor of the team. This should happen in the current situation. But pilots see it differently. Possible solution – turn the racers in the budget limit. The teams themselves will decide how much to pay the pilot, and how much to spend on development”, — quotes the Button Planet F1.

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