Button believes that Vettel should not leave Ferrari

Former racer of the Formula 1 2009 world champion Jenson button expressed the opinion that Sebastian Vettel is not necessary to leave Ferrari According to him, the rivalry with Charles LeClair in the “Scuderia” is able to make stronger German pilot, while care will do nothing to him in terms of development.

“Actually, it’s very hard to cope with such a competitive teammate, as LeClair. But it will make Vettel the best racer in the future. I guess in 2019 Sebastian made a few stupid mistakes. I’m sure he would have called them stupid. On the other hand, analysis of the situation has allowed him to become better.

In Ferrari Vettel has an opponent who really wants to get ahead. Which is pushing it. So I think that Sebastian will come back stronger than you were before. He has a huge talent. We will see it as soon as I resumed the race”, — quotes the Button the Daily Express.

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