But what is Meghan Markle ? This announcement, which occurs at the worst time

Mais à quoi joue Meghan Markle ? Cette annonce qui survient au pire moment

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Bad timing for Meghan Markle. While prince Charles has been infected by the coronavirus, Disneynature has revealed the fruits of its collaboration with the duchess of Sussex. The documentary, for which the former actress has lent her voice, will be released… just three days after the Megxit.

“The duchess, who spoke to the ear of the elephant.” This could be the name of the next project of Meghan Markle. Disneynature, a subsidiary of studio Walt Disney Pictures has unveiled this march 26, the fruits of its collaboration with the wife of prince Harry. The former actress of 38 years has lent his voice for a documentary, called Elephants, released on April 3 next on the streaming platform, Disney +. The film showcases a family of elephants on his journey through the african continent. A project whose benefits will flow to the organization Elephants Without Borders, who fight for the preservation of the wild nature.

To the duchess of Sussex, the timing couldn’t be more wrong. This revelation comes a day after the announcement of the contamination of prince Charles to the coronavirus. While prince Harry and Meghan Markle must officially leave the monarchy march 31 of next year, the british royal family seems to need them more than ever. In full pandemic, the queen Elizabeth II has had to withdraw at Windsor castle with her husband prince Philip to follow the instructions of the containment, while prince William found himself alone at the controls. The help of his younger brother would be welcome.

Most importantly, this new project will be released just three days after the official date of the Megxit. It must be said that the collaboration between Meghan Markle and the american giant Disney has since already a long time behind the scenes, even before the announcement of his departure from the monarchy. Last July, the former actress and her husband attended the premiere of the Lion King in London. A social event during which a sequence very embarrassing for the couple has been filmed. We discovered the prince Harry in the process of extolling the virtues of his wife to Robert Iger, the president of the Walt Disney Company, and Jon Favrau, the director of the film. A video that had not appreciated the queen at the time.


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