Burmistrov: Znarok before world Cup 2014 wished good luck. Shivers, almost tears in my eyes

Striker Kazan “AK Bars” Alexander Burmistrov remember the famous gesture of Oleg Znarka on winning the 2014 world Cup. Recall that in the semifinal match against team of Sweden (3:1) Znarok put his hand to his throat, will turn to the coach of the Swedes. Znarok was disqualified in the final match, the Russians won without him.

“Remember the gesture. If we rallied after his disqualification? Rallied in the bus before the match, when the V. came on the bus, everyone wished me luck, said farewell speech. Shivers, almost the tears were in his eyes. It’s led us, we have even set it was not necessary,” said Burmistrov in conversation with Pavel Panicheva in show “Championship” in Instagram #OSTEOSARCOMA.

Watch the video for “the Championship”.

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