Burmistrov: in the NHL the Russians are not like Americans and Canadians

Striker Kazan “AK Bars” Alexander Burmistrov commented on the introduction of a hard salary cap in the NHL and wished good luck to the players who decided to go to the NHL.

“There’s nothing we can challenge. The ceiling is good, clubs are moving in the same direction, not different budgets. It would be good if the ceiling is gradually raised, as in the NHL.

A possible continuation of the season in the NHL? All anguelova with whom to communicate, different answer. Someone wants to continue, someone-no. For a long time without hockey, and they will start the season or not, is not for us to decide.

Those who are going in the NHL, willing to be patient, there will not be easy. To us in the NHL are not like Canadians and Americans, we need to be head and shoulders above to be part of,” said Burmistrov in conversation with Pavel Panicheva the TV show “the Championship” #OSTEOSARCOMA in Instagram.

Watch the video for “the Championship”.

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