Buchnevich — on verification at the airport of Russia: one asleep, the other phone played

Striker “new York Rangers” Pavel buchnevich shared his opinion about the situation with coronavirus.

“Me at the airport no one even looked. On arrival near the exit there were two men in masks. One slept and the other played phone. That’s the whole test. I think it’s much more serious than people think in Russia. You saw how carelessly at first reacted to all this in Europe. And than all ended? Very scary what is happening in Italy.

My mother was sent to the country. Bought products so it is not needed, but better to let it is a difficult time to spend away from different contacts. I say we bunker food gathered, I don’t think it’s like the Apocalypse, but precautions should be taken. Saw Vadim Vadim shipachyov, so he immediately said no handshakes. I try to avoid, but my father still”, – quotes Buchnevich “Sport-Express”.


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