Buchnevich — about the accident in the United States: my car is just trash, but no financial loss will be

Striker “new York Rangers” Pavel buchnevich told about the accident in Manhattan, which got a team-mate — goalkeeper by Igor Shesterkina.

“It was very unpleasant. Drive safely in Brooklyn, suddenly in the right lane the car turns and hits us in the side, we are flying towards the other machines. What about the driver of that car happened, even incomprehensible. I have a video of the moment, but to show I’m not having it. But our guilt is not there at all.

Yes there whatever you say, it would be ridiculous. Didn’t want to just tell you about our state. I have no damage there, so, internal injuries, but I quickly returned to the ice. Have Shesterkin everything was stronger, but said that he will miss three to four weeks, and he’s already 14 days back.

Whose car was damaged? My. Just in the trash. But she was leasing, so that the financial losses I have. Listen, I used to have in Russia to ride unfastened, was a sin. But now I understand that if not for the seatbelt, I would have just thrown out of the car”, — quotes Buchnevich “Sport-Express”.


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