Bryzgalov — the words of Pronger: apparently, the brain damage was not temporary, but permanent

The famous goalie, a Stanley Cup winner Ilya Bryzgalov commented on the words of a former partner in the Philadelphia Flyers Chris Pronger.

“I think if I was to do a podcast, it would be pretty boring. I don’t know how to collect trash, I would have had a serious topic, not interesting. Sometimes reading the sports news, Bissonnette or anyone else. One garbage collect some fiction. To me it is absolutely uninteresting.

Read the words of Pronger me that he would I did something… the man had a serious concussion, his words cannot be taken seriously. He says, “I sat with a concussion.” Imagine what his process was? Apparently, his brain injury was not temporary, but permanent. They all love behind to talk, to say. And where were you then, mother?” — said Bryzgalov in an interview with the correspondent of “Championship” Elena Kuznetsova.

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