Bruce MacDonald, loyal to Quebec

THUNDER BAY – 31 years after being the sponsor of the Quebec team at the Air Canada Cup (now the Telus Cup) in Thunder Bay, Bruce MacDonald is back in the fold of the fleurdelisés. This time it is the Cantoners of Magog who take advantage of his services.
H abitant in northern Ontario in a region where the French fact is now married to a native daughter of France, Bruce MacDonald is familiar with the language of Molière with his entourage.

“Reading and writing is more difficult, but I can understand and make myself understood in a conversation. When I knew that the Telus Cup was coming back to Thunder Bay, I immediately contacted the organizing committee to offer my services as a sponsor if it was not too late. I also took the time to say that I wanted to be assigned to the Quebec team. It was that or nothing. I wanted to get involved, but only with Quebeckers. It was to take or leave. I love the people of Quebec, “says MacDonald.

The surprise

The latter did not know anything about the Quebec team and even less about the presence of Félix Potvin behind the Cantonniers bench. “I was put in touch with Jos Canale who informed me that Felix was the trainer of the Cantonniers. He is well aware that Felix remains a popular figure in Ontario because of his successful stint with the Maple Leafs. He asked me if I knew their coach. He knew he would please me by telling me it was Felix. It was the general surprise, “said one who does not describe himself as a supporter of the Maple Leafs.

“Not at all,” he insists. I have always been behind the Boston Bruins. My sons, on the other hand, are fans of the Leafs. They even have a replica of Felix’s mask. I will have to bring autographs home. ”

In fact, Bruce MacDonald is well positioned to know that Potvin remains a popular figure in Ontario, regardless of the region. “She’s the rock star of the Quebec delegation. I act almost like his tour director, jokes MacDonald. I’m being asked to sign Leafs memorabilia, the media want to be interviewed. He is still collaborating. ”

In fact, during this interview, an adult came to ask MacDonald for a Potvin autograph on his old Leafs jersey.


Bruce MacDonald does not hide being impressed by the Cantoners. “First the players. They are here to play hockey. Their concentration during games is stunning. Then I realize that their supervisory staff from Felix, his deputies, the physiotherapist Vicky (Fyfe) their president Renaud (Légaré) and the other members of the organization present all work hand in hand without walking on them. feet. Everyone knows his role. I can tell you that the Cantoners are very well seen by the committee and the volunteers. They are in their place and do their little business without disturbing. I do not invent anything. I see it and I hear it. ”

MacDonald enjoys all his moments with the Cantoners. “I remain at their disposal and I take advantage of my contacts to make their life easier. I’m not trying to be a distraction for them or their babysitter . We get along very well. I continue to pile up good memories with Quebeckers. ”

MacDonald’s wish is to accompany the Cantoners to the final on Sunday. “What a conclusion it would be. But there is still some way to go. There is no parade after three victories in this championship, “he insists.

The godfather’s counsel is wise.

Alan Carter
Alan Carter
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