Britney Spears goes on the offensive, her father wants to sue for abuse!

Britney Spears goes on the offensive, her father wants to sue for abuse!

“I’m here to sue. I’m angry and I’ll go that far,” Los Angeles said in a courtroom on Wednesday. The singer spoke harsh words over her lawyer’s phone, she writes British BBC.

The pop icon’s emotional statement came on the day a judge ruled that Britney Spears could choose a lawyer to represent her in a legal battle in which she was trying to reverse the controversial custody of her father.

“You allow my dad to ruin my life. I have to get rid of my father and sue him for abusing custody,” Britney Spears thundered in the courtroom.

The abuse of guardianship that the singer is talking about may include, for example, the financial abuse of an incapacitated person in custody or the imposition of excessive restrictions. Should the court conclude that something like this really happened, the designated guardian (in this case, the singer’s father Jamie) could lose his position, receive a financial sentence (such as paying pain) or pay court costs.

After the court hearing, Britney Spears published a short video on her instagram profile, in which she rides a horse and makes stars outside on the grass. At the same time, she thanked the fans for their support and, for the first time, used the motto Free Britney, which her supporters have been using since 2008, when the courts placed her in the custody of her father.

A documentary about the controversial fate of the world-famous singer was also made, which you can watch on the video portal VOYO.

Recall the course of the court hearing in Wednesday’s TV Nova report:


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