Briatore was criticised by politicians and suggested that he suffered a coronavirus

The former head of Benetton and Renault Flavio Briatore said that in December he had a disease similar to that caused by coronavirus. He accused the world’s politicians neglect the problem.

“I got sick in December. I had a very high fever, pain in the lungs and shortness of breath. It lasted for ten days. My doctor could not understand what was happening. The doctors did x-rays and a CT scan which showed a shadow on my lung. After Italy began to panic, the doctor said that I must have been a coronavirus. Fortunately, I had recovered at that time.

We all underestimated the virus. Back in January who told everyone to prepare, and nobody did. It was a mistake on the part of the world politics. If I was a Minister and knew about the disease in China or in the area with which my country has a lot of contacts, then sent someone back or he went.

When I came into Formula 1, I never saw the race. But if Ferrari has organized a test on some track, immediately sent engineers to see what they do “Scuderia”. It was my job. I don’t think any European Minister flew to Wuhan. No one is stockpiling masks and respirators. This means that we are led by inadequate people”, — quotes the words of Briatore

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