Brazilian and Argentine quintets open basketball festival in Nicaragua – Prensa Latina

    Brazilian and Argentine quintets open basketball festival in Nicaragua – Prensa Latina

    The match faced two of the teams in a single-match duel that, had they played at the ends of the organization chart, would have been able to star in the final on Tuesday the 13th.

    For 11:40 hours (17:40 GMT) the opening whistle of a marathon day of four games is signaled at the Alexis Argüello Sports Center, one of the emblematic facilities of the Pinolero sport.

    One of the squads that arrives in the Nicaraguan capital as undefeated, the Brazilian Flamengo (5-0) will face the Panamanian Caballos de Coclé at 14:40, with a balance of 3-3 in the Group, the most even from the competition.

    The & # 39; Mengao & # 39; was runner-up a year ago and that endorsement can influence his game against the canalizers.

    The third shift of the date (4:40 pm) reserves the stellar match of the card when the Quimsa Athletic Association, from the Argentine city of Santiago del Estero, exposes its status as a starter in 2020 against Minas Tenis, from Brazil.

    Quinsa, who maintains the base of the champion quintet, exhibits a 3-1 balance in the qualifying phase, while the representative of Belo Horizonte classified with a negative record of 2-4.

    The organizers left for the closing (19:10) the match of the local Real Estelí against the fourth representative of Brazil, Sesi Franca, who defends the colors of the largest shoe-producing city in Latin America.

    The Real Estelí that sold its elimination dearly in this same phase the previous year against the Argentine Institute of Córdoba, in a series of three games, will depend a lot on the performance on the court of former NBA Renaldo Balkman and the leadership of Puerto Rican Jezreel De Jesús

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