Brazil, football and, finally, touch the glory with Real Madrid

    Brazil, football and, finally, touch the glory with Real Madrid

    One of the promises of Real Madrid and who is beginning to show his full potential this year is the young Brazilian Vinicius. The player who dazzled at Flamengo is now scoring goals and giving joy to Real Madrid. But, despite this state of happiness, Vinicius had a more than hard past in Brazil.

    Vinicius begins to show flashes of his quality this season.

    Kiko Huesca / EFE

    “I come from Sao Gonçalo, a very dangerous place where many things that happen in Brazil happen,” says Vinicius, and his representative agrees with him: “There is a lot of violence and a lot of poverty.” Vinicius’s family recounts in the video how hard his father had to work to support his family.

    The hard life of the Vinicius family in Brazil

    In fact, Vinicius’ father was the first who saw that his son had great potential with the ball, so he decided to enroll him in an academy. All the coaches report that Vinicius had a potential superior to that of the others, until he ended up at Flamengo. Once there, Real Madrid noticed him, until they decided to sign him.

    Vinicius is, without a doubt, an example of self-improvement, humility and constant work every day. Today he could be a starter in the Classic, a game that not even in his best dreams would he have imagined playing.

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