Boxi made a mistake, choosing the hero in the match against, and thanked them for the restart of the game

The representatives of the Swedish team Liquid Boxi Samuel Swann and Tommy Taiga LII expressed gratitude to the Russian team and personally and their captain Alexei Solo Berezina that they did not object to the restart of the match OGA Dota PIT on 2020 Online. Swan by mistake chose not your hero on the second map he had to take the Axe, but clicked on the Phoenix, designed for Leah. Because of this, the organizers recreate a match lobby.

“Picked the wrong hero two games in a row. With caffeine trifled with. Thank you Solo for the restart of the game,” wrote Boxi.

“GG, Alliance and, you are always fun to play, regardless of whether we concede or win. Have to thank the players VP for the desire to meet and to restart the map when we Boxi chose the wrong heroes,” said Taiga in Twitter account.

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