Bolados reflects on the controversial case of Dudamel

    Bolados reflects on the controversial case of Dudamel

    In the previous duel against O’Higgins, Marcos Bolados participated in a press conference. The Colo Colo striker referred to his present and explained what the expectations are this season: “This has to be our year,” he said.

    “After the operation, it was difficult for me because of fear and my knee. With training you gain confidence. Now I have felt good. The group surprises me, because it is good and united. It has been reflected in the games I have played. I’m happy, “said Bolados.

    “What could we improve? We need to finish the play well, because we have arrived a lot. The club must be at the top and with this group we can achieve greater things. With that, each player may raise his individual level. Now we know each other better, we have had activities together and that generates more trust among colleagues, “he added.

    The attacker also reflected on the coronavirus, in relation to a question about the illegal meeting of Rafael Dudamel: “The players are clear and aware. We have the obligation to be well and not get together so as not to get infected. We do not have to go somewhere where we expose ourselves. We should all take care of ourselves. “

    Other Bolados phrases

    Iván Morales level: “I see him very well. I like how he plays and I think his performance has increased a lot. And in my position?” I like the competition, that we have several people. In my case, with two companions. It’s healthy and it gets more out of you. “

    Fight in the dressing room, recognized by Esteban Paredes: “I am not going to say anything about what happens (inside), because you cannot say what we are talking about. This is to set up conflicts.”

    Departure from Mosa: “They are leadership issues. We are not concentrating on that.”

    Homegrown level: “The juniors are fine. It serves us, and them. In a while they will help us a lot”

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