Bobkov: come in my dreams 20 goals against in the playoffs? This is not to ignore

The goalkeeper “Avant-guard” Igor Bobkov told how the team has changed over the past season and also appreciated the performance of the Omsk team in the KHL regular season and the playoffs of the Gagarin Cup.

“I think the season this year went more smoothly than the last, that is too strong recessions we had. Only, of course, at the end of the season, the worst slump we had. Maybe that’s why the playoffs are not approached in an optimum form, in which I would like.

The team has changed compared to the previous season, there are still Ghost? Yes. There are always guys who support the team in good spirits in the locker room. Sorry, maybe Maxim Chudinov we lacked very badly in the locker room. It is a pity that so early he had an injury and only now he has fully recovered and is already training. But max trips we very much lacked, that is, in the locker room would be dominated by the much more good atmosphere with it!

Series with “Salavat”… How can you judge when 20 goals in six games? Series lost fans, of course, unhappy, but evaluating each game separately — it is clear that it had its own goals. The swing was so strong that we won the first game, scored five, and then lost. Then again, they scored five, we scored five. There simply is not clear what happens as the puck finds places to fly, but unfortunately, Ufa has won more. To comment on something hard. You need to sit down, to rethink, to reconsider more carefully. But how can you rate the game, when it was eliminated in the first round? Of course, unsatisfactory.

Know how they play, just could not control in certain moments. Were the crucial moments in games, when you could catch, but, unfortunately, did not work.

Have all these 20 goals in memory and in dreams? This is not to ignore. It was already, so to speak, has passed, that will not change. Go and sulk about that makes no sense. When we win some series do not go and rejoice every day: “Oh, we won the series, all cool!” and quietly adjusted the next day. As a defeat: a defeat have passed — Yes, sorry, hard. You need to understand that this is hockey, it’s life, last day, need to prepare for the next. Therefore, we analyze, we think about what we did wrong, where some training might have been wrong, and move on.

On leave after a training course, flew home to my family. And with the coronavirus hardly somewhere will have to go. And so I will train and prepare”, — quotes the words Bobkov official website of the club.


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