You are an introvert? Stay away from alcohol and here’s why

Вы интроверт? Держитесь подальше от алкоголя и вот почему

Shy people often suffer from anxiety that is provoked by the excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.

A team of scientists from the University of Exteria studied indicators 97 adults and found that introverts are more seriously worried about the consequences of booze, reports the Daily Mail.

Вы интроверт? Держитесь подальше от алкоголя и вот почему

However, the researchers found that alcohol really loosens up sandwiched people, as it allows to reduce the influence of personal and social factors.

Psychologists urge people to “make their own introversion”. This will help to give up drinking in large quantities. The data also showed that anxiety, in turn, can lead to alcoholism.

In the study, researchers attended a public event, which was attended by people aged from 18 to 53 years.

At the meeting they were asked either to drink or to stay sober. Participants who agreed to alcohol, filled in a questionnaire which assessed their level of anxiety at six o’clock.

Вы интроверт? Держитесь подальше от алкоголя и вот почему

The questions concerned how often they avoid strangers and how they uncomfortable in unfamiliar situations.

Two hours later, the researchers popras volunteers to pass the second test of the alarm.

The next day at ten o’clock in the morning, participants re-took the test.

They were also asked how often they drink and how they feel the next day to determine any signs of disorders caused by alcohol use.

Doctors found a moderate relationship between feelings of anxiety and suffering, but only among those who are in the “group of increased shyness.”

To the surprise of researchers, the level of anxiety of the participants only slightly changed after consuming six doses of alcohol.

The results contradict previous research, in which it was found that the animals become more irritable when in contact with a compound of ethanol.

Unlike previous trials, this study evaluated the effects of alcohol consumption in a social environment, not in the laboratory. Therefore, the researchers believe that their results “more accurately demonstrate the real alcoholic effect.”

Вы интроверт? Держитесь подальше от алкоголя и вот почему

We will remind, doctors have separated the avid fans of alcohol on the five types that can occur in various age categories.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” scientists have discovered a protein mechanism that helps to explain the nature of alcoholism.

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