Xiaomi humiliated Apple and Samsung in the market hours

Xiaomi унизила Apple и Samsung на рынке часов

Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi became the leader in the volume of shipments of wearable devices worldwide in the third quarter of 2018. To wearable devices include smart watches, fitness trackers, action cameras and Bluetooth headsets. Of course, and although Xiaomi is gradually catching up with Apple Corporation in sales of smartphones, price of Apple devices far beyond smartphones Xiaomi.

Xiaomi унизила Apple и Samsung на рынке часов

Xiaomi has shipped 6.9 million devices and took a 21.5% market share compared to the third quarter of 2017, the supply volume increased almost twice. Xiaomi was the leader due to the success of the fitness tracker Mi Band 3 and sales growth outside China — in India, Europe and the middle East, consider in IDC. Apparently, the company will be able to re-take the lead in the next quarter, as in may 2019 on the shelves will be a fitness tracker Xiaomi Mi Band 4, which will be the smarter than its predecessor, and will get a bunch of new features.

Xiaomi унизила Apple и Samsung на рынке часов

The third place on volume of deliveries took the American Fitbit, which shipped 3.5 million devices, and its market share was 10.9% compared with 13.7% in the third quarter of 2017. In fact, this company kotoarya specializiruetsya only ustroistvakh Wearables-smart watches, bracelets, fitness trackers.

Recall that Apple has forced major social network Tumblr to remove adult material. It is reported that such material violates the policy of the Apple store in connection with which the company removed the app from the App Store. Popular the service had to improve methods of validation of downloadable content in the future not to happen again.

Earlier Znayu reported that scammers have learned a new trick, which seamlessly be charged with a credit card. Scammers have created iPhone apps that require the user to put a finger to the screen to measure heart rate. However, at this time because the fingerprint is a transaction in the amount of $ 100, which is deducted from the account of the smartphone owner.

Znayu wrote that Xiaomi Mi 9 will soon appear on the shelves, and insiders have already called the cost of new items. Among other things, the device will receive 6 GB of RAM and top-end chipset, which will help to match the performance even with the iPhone XS Max.


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