Xiaomi has released the doorbell smarter than your neighbors

Xiaomi выпустила дверной звонок, который умнее ваших соседей

After the Xiaomi company presented the castle Mijia Smart Door Lock, on the platform of collective funding there is another interesting thing the company – intelligent doorbell, Intelligent Doorbell Video Zero. By the way, he is able not only to make a sound, alerting them to a party, but a bunch of other smart features not found in competitors.

Xiaomi выпустила дверной звонок, который умнее ваших соседей

This doorbell has several functions. So, it can be for a distance of three meters to determine the identity of the person, record a video activity and send it to the owner. In this way the owner can learn about a guest before he comes to the door close.

The device supports a proprietary image-recognition technology. Also certain people can be entered into the database, thus the call will determine who is standing at the door, and send information about it to the owner. Besides, it is able to recognize and home owners with the help of a face scanner.

Xiaomi выпустила дверной звонок, который умнее ваших соседей

By the way, the device is very cheap – only 800 UAH.

Recall that Apple has forced major social network Tumblr to remove adult material. It is reported that such material violates the policy of the Apple store in connection with which the company removed the app from the App Store. Popular the service had to improve methods of validation of downloadable content in the future not to happen again.

Earlier Znayu reported that scammers have learned a new trick, which seamlessly be charged with a credit card. Scammers have created iPhone apps that require the user to put a finger to the screen to measure heart rate. However, at this time because the fingerprint is a transaction in the amount of $ 100, which is deducted from the account of the smartphone owner.

Znayu wrote that Xiaomi Mi 9 will soon appear on the shelves, and insiders have already called the cost of new items. Among other things, the device will receive 6 GB of RAM and top-end chipset, which will help to match the performance even with the iPhone XS Max.


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