World premiere of Tresserre in the P.-O. : photovoltaic and viticulture reconciled

Première mondiale à Tresserre dans les P.-O. : photovoltaïque et viticulture réconciliés

The vineyards of Pierre Escudié (below) pulled in 1992 were able to be replanted thanks to these shade photovoltaic.

In Tresserre an innovative pilot project allows the photovoltaic production without use conflict.

Under this new word will undoubtedly conceals the track the most relevant to combine the production of solar energy and agriculture. Two areas that have long been angry. The elected members of the chamber of agriculture have always fought hard against these hectares of land covered with solar panels. An insult to the aesthetics and an irreversible loss of agricultural land.

But it is possible to develop synergy between the two sectors of activity. The proof of Tresserre on the field of Nidolères family Escudié. Worn by the group Sun R the pilot site “without conflict of use” is a world first.

Algorithm and weather station

Imagine 5 hectares of vines grown under a’ombrière made 7 850 photovoltaic panels are located more than 4 metres in height. Panels that can rotate to the request. “The general idea, which we developed, ensures Antoine Nogier of Sun R, is always to give the priority to the vegetation. If it is in a period where it has need of sunlight, the panels disappear.”

“However, in mid-summer, during very hot weather, these panels will make the shade and limit the temperature. Idem in case of hail. Driven automatically bitch of specific algorithms and a weather station on the site, the signs will be of benefit to the vine. The electrical output will always drop after”.

Control the maturity of the vine

We should see in the lenses the impact of the concept of the next four years. A plot of 2 ha of the same grape varieties have been planted on the same field, but outside of the shade. “This will enable us to compare when the time comes the quality of the wine in the two configurations, provides Stone Escudié the grower to the origin of the project. This system is the ideal technique to control exactly the ripeness of the grapes and their development throughout the season”.

And for the production of electricity ? “Of course,” says Jean Amouroux the mayor of the town who has supported from the outset of the project, the companies that have invested in this exemplary concept are not philanthropists pure. They will produce a return on investment with the electricity produced, that is normal. But what is to emphasize is that the vine is and will remain a priority”.



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