With heart race: a new study will disappoint fans of the marathon

С сердцем наперегонки: новое исследование огорчит любителей марафона

Participate in large marathons without preparation can lead to heart problems.

According to a new study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, race for the long haul increases the concentration of several biomarkers, which increases the load on the heart and lead to heart attack.

С сердцем наперегонки: новое исследование огорчит любителей марафона

Spanish researchers compared the levels of cardiac biomarkers (specifically troponin I and T) in the 21 group of 3 runners, each of which is individually run for stamina three distances: marathon, half marathon and race with the participation of 10 thousand people. All 63 volunteers were lovers. Doctors also measured them the levels of biomarkers of stress in cardiac tissue.

The load on the heart muscle was much higher after fans ran a great marathon.

It should be noted that the frequency of heart attacks in marathon runners found in about 1 out of 50,000 runners who participate in races. However, a high proportion of all cardiovascular complications associated with exercise, occurs during marathons, especially in men aged 35 years and older.

С сердцем наперегонки: новое исследование огорчит любителей марафона

Physicians agree that the number of subjects in the study was large enough to carefully evaluate differences in the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. However, the researchers plan to conduct more extensive research.

“We had assumed that the marathon — healthy people without risk factors that can occur a heart attack during or after the race. But with the growing popularity of long-term racing has witnessed an exponential increase in the number of participants and the lack of training among Amateur runners. The results of our study show that short distances can reduce the load on the myocardium during the competition,” said the study’s lead author Juan del COSO (Juan Del Coso).

С сердцем наперегонки: новое исследование огорчит любителей марафона

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