Why do the regions want to keep the hand on the common agricultural policy

Pourquoi les régions veulent garder la main sur la politique agricole commune

Renaud Muselier is supported by the chambers of agriculture and the agricultural unions.

The european mp Renaud Muselier wants to raise the awareness of the government. The “survival” of the european fund for rural development is in the game according to the chosen.

The president LR PACA Renaud Muselier announced that it wanted to meet the new Agriculture minister Didier Guillaume to convince him to preserve the place of regions in the common agricultural policy (Cap) european.

Mr. Muselier, who is also a member of the european parliament and responsible Europe to the Regions of France, will speak on the same subject, the Prime minister Edouard Philippe, he is scheduled to meet Friday.

A crucial issue

The elected fear “drying, and a recentralisation of the second pillar of the Cap”, in which the regions come to help the farmers. The regions “might as well lose, and the farmers with it, the benefit of an investment policy and a technical major.”

Renaud Muselier, supported by the presidents of the chambers of agriculture and representatives of agricultural unions (FNSEA, Young Farmers, and farmers Confederation), believes that the “survival” of the european fund for rural development (EAFRD) depends on it.

Carole Delga in Brussels in December

“If Occitania is today an agricultural region of the first plan at national and european levels, we owe it to the richness of our agriculture, in all its diversity” moved to his side, Carole Delga, president of the region of Occitania. According to who, “we want not only that the Regions keep the direct management of european funds but we also ask for more decentralization.”

And ensure you want to continue “to carry this message, as we have for the past several months, particularly in Brussels where I will lead a delegation of Occitania in December next”.


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