“What are you about Vova read?”: it became known as Russia fighting the “extremist” music

"Что ты там про Вову зачитал?": стало известно, как в России борются с "экстремистской" музыкой

In Russia there are mass cancellations of performances by famous bands. In mass media there was information that it doesn’t just happen. Law enforcement agencies have made an informal list of performers, whose concerts are considered “undesirable”, and the lyrics can carry extremist in nature and require thorough verification.

Over the last few weeks in Russia were cancelled a huge number of performances. Among the “victims” came a Husky, LJ, friend zone, IC3PEAK, and a number of lesser-known groups. Fans are unable to hear your favorite artists in Saratov, Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod and other major cities.

The disruption was due to the fact that the concert halls, who are preparing to take the concerts were suddenly cancelled at the last minute. According to sources, it was due to pressure from the police Centre “e“ and the FSB. The same sources claim that the cause of the “black list” were terrorist attacks involving teenagers that occurred over the past two months. In particular, we are talking about the explosion in the building of the FSB in the Arkhangelsk and the shooting of students in Kerch

As previously reported by the portal “Znayu” in Russia they teach troubled Teens to shoot and forced to shoot pictures of American General.

Russia – finally and hopelessly sick country. And save whether its “amputation” of Putin is unknown. The hatred they have soaked even children. So, in Ekaterinburg the students during the competition allowed to shoot rifles at pictures of General Robert Scales. It is noteworthy that this “competition” staged a so-called charity Fund “Assistance to street children”, who are also engaged in “Patriotic education” troubled Teens. This became known from the message portal 66.ru.

The son said that together with the targets in the shooting range brought a photo of American General, the organizers called him an enemy of the people and shot, — said the mother of one of the teenagers who took part in the competition, Maria Yamina. — Is this normal? Why is it necessary for my child? Why not ask for our permission?”

Attention! Video contains profanity (18+)

Recall the “big seven” urged Russia to release Ukrainian sailors, illegally captured during the Kerch incident on November 25.

Also Znayu wrote that Ukraine has found evidence of a Russian attack, published a complete record from the SBU. It has now become clear who gave the orders

The security service of Ukraine received the record of negotiations of crew of aircraft and helicopters of the Russian Federation with the control points. They confirm that the military command of the Russians gave the orders to use weapons against Ukrainian ships in the Kerch Strait.


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