Went for snacks: beavers-rowdy fun in the supermarket, they were welcomed as stars

Сходили за вкусняшками: бобры-дебоширы повеселились в супермаркете, их встретили, как звезд

A funny pair of beavers have become famous throughout the world thanks to his outburst. In the us state of Massachusetts the CCTV cameras filmed a few toothy friends who went to the supermarket for a tasty and began to look around. About the unusual customers, told the American portal.

Сходили за вкусняшками: бобры-дебоширы повеселились в супермаркете, их встретили, как звезд

By assumption, workers outlets Cumberland Farms, cute animals looked to them in search of cheap snacks. But apparently what I was looking for was not found. As one of them quickly left the store, and the second time walked on the trading floor. One of the beavers left almost immediately, while the other needed the help of the seller.

Fortunately, came to the aid of employees who politely spent the sluggishness of the beaver to the exit. However, before that, the little creature made a little photo session like a real star. But the beaver did not mind.

According to the staff, the beavers took a walk to the supermarket from the adjacent Nashua river.

Less funny story happened in Russia. There is a beaver left in the dark for fifteen hundred people. The incident occurred in Soltonskiy region of Altai Krai.

It is reported the company “Altayenergo”, which deals with supply in the region, Russian media writes.

“Staff “Altayenergo” quickly trying to regain electricity in Soltonskiy of the district, which they lost through the fault of the beaver. Diversion the beast had made, knocking nibbled them as a tree on a power line (power line) 10 kV from outside the buffer zone. The animal was left without electricity and a half thousand people”, — told in the company.

The company complain that it is not the first time confronted with this problem, forests are often the cause of failures in the electricity supply and not only. So, a few years ago the animals de-energize the village of Bobrovka.

We will remind, 28-the summer inhabitant of United Kingdom, Jordan Doyle finally decided to make an offer of marriage to his sweetheart. Since Mary (the beloved man) loves otters, he decided to make a special moment memorable.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” in America in one of the small towns of California, there was a funny episode with a predatory beast. Bear decided to visit the police station and calmly through the door entered the building, located near the highway. Visit Bruin captured surveillance cameras.

Also “Znayu” I wrote in one of the American zoos in New Orleans from the cell escaped Jaguar Valerio. For the short time while it was free, the beast managed to kill six animals to death and injure three more.


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