We have long waited for: Metallica will please fans of the new album

Мы долго этого ждали: Metallica порадует фанатов новым альбомом

The cult band Metallica February 1, 2019, will delight fans with his first acoustic album, reports Kerrang.

The money from the record sales will donated to the Foundation All Within My Hands.

Мы долго этого ждали: Metallica порадует фанатов новым альбомом


The album called “Helping Hands… Live & Acoustic At The Masonic” the band had recorded during the charity concert Helping Hands November 3 in San Francisco.

The disc will feature 12 tracks. Some of them songs the most “Metallica”, and some covers of songs of Deep Purple, Nazareth, Blue Oyster Cult.

Metallica was established in 1981. The team is the owner of “Grammy”.

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Rock is a lifestyle. Ukrainian artists are distinguished from foreign by its uniqueness and invincible self-improvement and determination. So, at the concert in luck frontman of the famous Ukrainian rock band “Violet” Sergei Martyniuk during a song, so show off that even the stage broke.

Sergey fell to the stage because of weak support. Well, right in front of our artists, no one can resist, especially some plywood. It is worth noting that the artist instantly got out of the ditch and continued to delight fans.

As previously reported, “Znayu” Found a replacement: Lindemann blatantly cheating Loboda, rate the home-wrecker.

While the singer Svetlana Loboda, which after undergoing surgery on the kidney is back with a tour around Germany, busy with work and has given concerts in Tyumen, her alleged lover was convicted of treason. The soloist of the band “Ramstein” to Till Lindemann, who took Loboda from a Moscow clinic, is credited with an affair with a stylist from Germany Mira El Issa.

Мы долго этого ждали: Metallica порадует фанатов новым альбомом

Till Lindemann and Svetlana Loboda

Also “Znayu” I wrote about what angel O. Torvald: a terrible tragedy in the family of Galicia, the whole of Ukraine is crying along with the rocker

Recently, frontman of Ukrainian rock band O. Torvald Jack Galich shocked fans of the sad news. In your Facebook the actor admitted his family tragedy, his father died. What he has taught musician, has invested in his education of the soul, but age has taken its toll.


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