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Умер режиссер "Властелина колец"

Wednesday, December 5, the world rocked by the tragic news – at the age of 80 years died a famous new Zealand Director, screenwriter and producer Geoff Murphy.

Умер режиссер "Властелина колец"

Journalists report that Murphy’s directing career began in the 70s, in 1981, removing the film “goodbye pork pie” which became the first new Zealand film that received financial success at home. In the 90s, the filmmaker shot a lot in Hollywood, but then returned to New Zealand, where he worked on the set of “Lord of the rings” second Director.

Умер режиссер "Властелина колец"

Just over the years Jeff Murphy made two dozen films, six of which he wrote the script.

The official cause of death has not yet been reported. However, the media know that the last time the Director rarely left the house because of the constant problems with health.

We will remind, on Monday, December 3, died a famous Russian pismennik Andrei Bitov. He was 82 years old. This was reported by the literary critic Galina Yuzefovich on his page in social network Facebook.

“Men, bad news. Only my mother Anna berdichevskaya called Bauman hospital. Andrei Bitov died today,” wrote about the tragedy Yuzefovich.

Умер режиссер "Властелина колец"

As we know, Andrei Bitov is one of the founders of postmodernism in Russian literature, winner of the magazines “Friendship of peoples”, “New world”, “Foreign literature”.

Previously Know This.Eeyore wrote that in Moscow on 49-m to year of life died a famous actor Vitaly Nowitzki.

He was most famous for the TV series “Univer”, “Trace”, “Witnesses”, “Katina love”, “Karpov”, “Marusya”, “Homicide”.

Умер режиссер "Властелина колец"

Rossm as reported, the actor died in the hospital after a myocardial infarction. He will be buried in his hometown of Voronezh on 5 December.

Also Know As.ia reported that on Tuesday, December 4, in Odessa died a famous Ukrainian cartoonist, member of the Board of the Odessa branch of the National Union of cinematographers of Ukraine Yuriy Grinevich.


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