Wall Street reassured by the low inflation, ends higher

Wall Street, rassérénée par la faible inflation, termine en hausse

The New York stock Exchange ended higher Thursday, buoyed by the positive reception to rise less rapidly than expected prices in August in the United States and the rebound of Apple.

The index feature of the place in new york, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, has gained 0,57% 26.145,99 points.

The Nasdaq, in high coloring technology, has risen from 0.75% to 8.013,71 points.

The expanded index S&P 500 is up 0.53 percent to 2.904,18 points.

The indices benefited from the modest increase in inflation in August in the United States, the index of consumer prices increased by 0.2% compared to the previous month. Without prices of food and energy, the increase was only 0.1%.

On Wednesday, the u.s. government reported a surprise drop in producer prices in August in the country.

Investors “delight to see an environment of inflation to be moderate and say that the federal Reserve might raise its key rates more slowly than expected,” said Matthew Miskin, of John Hancock Investments.

What reassure the brokers of Wall Street who benefit from several years of low rates on the markets.

However, nuanced Christopher Low of FTN Financial, the indicators of the week on inflation are not sufficient “to change the perspective of the members of the monetary policy committee of the Fed”.

Many observers still expect two rate hikes by the end of the year.

After having declined significantly in the publication of figures on inflation, the borrowing rate of the u.s. debt are raised: the yield on Treasury bills of 10 years evolved into the 20: 20 GMT at 2,975%, compared to 2,963% Wednesday evening, and one to 30 years 3,109%, compared to 3,104% to the previous closing.

The brokers have also reacted to the central bank meetings european and british, who have not touched their rates.

Indices on Wall Street have also been helped by the rebound of the technology sector, the index of the representative in the S&P 500 rose 1.15%.

The computer giant Apple, in particular, has climbed 2.42%. It had ended down the day before following the presentation of its new products.

Another factor is carrier: the chinese authorities confirmed on Thursday that Washington had proposed to Beijing to resume the trade negotiations before the administration, Trump would not impose new punitive taxes on its imports.

The shares of Boeing and Caterpillar, two companies that are highly sensitive to any disruption of international trade, have, respectively, gained 0.58 percent and 0.87%.


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