Victory in court for one who claims to be the daughter of the ex-king Albert II of Belgium

Victoire en justice pour celle qui affirme être la fille de l'ex-roi Albert II de Belgique

The belgian artist Delphine Boël, who is convinced that her relationship with Albert II.

The belgian justice has ordered the end of October to the ex-king Albert II, 84 years of age, to submit by February a genetic test, offering a victory to Delphine Boël in its long legal battle for recognition that he is her biological father, it was learnt on Monday.

The information announced by belgian media was confirmed by one of the lawyers of Ms. Boël, Marc Uyttendaele. Delphine Boël, an artist of belgian of 50 years, claims to be born of the long affair has had in the years 60 and 70, his mother, Sibyl de Sélys Longchamps, with Albert, then crown prince, married since 1959 with Paola Ruffo di Calabria.

The father of the current king has always denied the parentage

The former sovereign, who ruled from 1993 to 2013, and is the father of the king of the Belgians, current, Philip, has always denied this filiation with Ms. Boël. The latter was introduced in 2013 for a procedure for recognition of paternity before the court of first instance of Brussels, which has given rise to a series of legal twists and turns.

In a first step, in 2017, the justice had not even allowed Delphine Boël to challenge the paternity of the industrial Jacques Boël, who was the initial step of the procedure. In a judgment on 25 October, the Brussels court of appeal has overturned that decision.

Expertise genetics

“It has been decided that Jacques Boël is not the legal father or biological Delphine” and “ordered that Albert II is to submit to a DNA test”, have reported the counsel for the appellant in a press release. The court, they added, has also asked an expert from a university hospital in brussels “to proceed in the three months to expertise in genetics to establish the relationship between Delphine and Albert II”.

The two sides have a new appointment before the court on February 14 for the resumption of the debate. “If Albert II refuses to submit to the test, it can be considered as a very clear indication that he is the father“, has pointed out to Me Uyttendaele.

The lawyer has welcomed a judgment giving “totally right” to his client at this stage of the procedure, “after the failure of all the approaches, friendly to his identity, as that of his children, is finally legally recognized”.

In this procedure, recalled the press agency Belga, Jacques Boël had not challenged the action in disavowal of paternity brought by her daughter against her. It was delivered to a DNA test which revealed that he is not in fact the biological father.


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