Vera Brezhnev: biography of Cinderella of our time

Вера Брежнева: биография Золушки нашего времени

Vera Brezhnev AU naturel

Who is Vera Brezhneva? Today it is difficult to answer this question: it has long since not only the girl of the Golden part of Viagra. Now she’s not even just the singer, that would be logical since leaving the band. Vera Brezhnev, by law, can be called an actress and TV presenter, and, of course, a model. Yes, it has become one of the most striking sex symbols of our time. In addition, she writes books, runs a charity and is the wife of the great Constantine Meladze (even if it is not a profession, but this is the status of millions of girls dream). How poor Dumplings from the Ukrainian province managed to achieve it, and do it tastefully?

Вера Брежнева: биография Золушки нашего времени

Vera Brezhneva photo shoot

Height, weight, body specifications and all personal data

The real name of the girl with the dictatorial Kremlin alias known to many, because her real name to the comical sarcasm and Ukrainian colorful. On the first passport Vera Brezhneva name is Vera Viktorovna Galushka. Then she changed my name, and then, married. But that’s another story – the details on.

Date of birth: 3 February 1982. How much of Vera Brezhnev years now – she does not hide and proudly calls the age of 36 years. While noting that accept their nature for what it is, not doing plastic surgery and any other procedures for artificial rejuvenation. Vera Brezhneva is one of the few stars able to prove that a woman can be beautiful at any age – Yes, and wrinkles, too. Well, maybe she still be able to break age discriminatory stereotypes in our society?!

The Zodiac Sign Of Vera Brezhneva: Aquarius. Astrologers say that Aquarians just the stars and promise the ability to change the world for the better and make the people in it are truly free from templates. So that Faith has every opportunity to swim against the tide and achieve success, not only for themselves but also for others.

Throughout his rather long career of public Faith could remain stable in good form. With the growth of 171 cm and her weight is about 53 kg.

Nationality: Ukrainian.

Вера Брежнева: биография Золушки нашего времени

Vera Brezhnev in full growth


Faith was born in a small Ukrainian town called Dneprodzerzhinsk (now Kamenskoe, Dnieper region). She was born in more than a simple family that was very far from prosperity. Father, Viktor Galushka, was an ordinary worker with no education at Pridneprovsk chemical plant. And mom, Tamara dumpling (maiden name – Permyakova), having a diploma from medical school, worked with her husband at the factory. At the same time, Brezhnev was not the only child in the family, and the so-called middling. Older by 5 years sister Faith’s name is Galya, and the youngest for 3 years twins Nastya and Vika.

One day, Faith told a funny story from childhood that should be considered the true beginning of her career. When she was only 4 years old on summer vacation in a sanatorium, dad jokingly put it on the hill and said, dance! She gladly obeyed and at the same time realized that the stage is her love and calling. So as early as kindergarten has become a little star: participated in all morning performances and was there a prominent role.

The family of Dumplings was not destined long to be happy. Parents could not fully provide for the daughters: and the child Brezhneva was very heavy. When Vera was only 11 years old, she had abruptly become an adult. Dad was hit by a car, the recovery of his health took a lot of time and money, and in the yard still stood dashing 90-e… to bring a family in need of any kind of penny, the girl began to look for jobs and do not shun any work.

Вера Брежнева: биография Золушки нашего времени

Vera Brezhnev in life


In the school years, Faith began to look for ways to the stage. Though her family was not able to give it in music, dance or drama school, Brezhnev joined the free dance club at school and got their start performing in Amateur children’s productions. She also actively participated in all activities. The singer says that the best festive views she was given the role of Baba Yaga. In short, it’s not only about the stage – in General, the school beauty she was not believed and was not very popular.

Native school of Faith Dumplings – school №41. There she visited various free clubs – basketball, handball, gymnastics and even karate. Once in an interview with the class teacher Brezhnev said that the girl even had to starve, and on one occasion in desperation she asked a couple of coupons for bread. Moreover, peers have been bullied. After all, Faith is not that there weren’t any trendy clothes, she years, day in and day wore the same clothes. Add to this its high on the background of classmates growth, poor hair and short hair, does not period features glasses for vision.

So the first work of Faith came at age 11 – she earned by cleaning the Park. Then she and her family were busy looking for any source of money. And grandmother Brezhnev saw an ad in the newspaper that the city administration is gaining for summer students for the cleaning of public parks. Faith implicitly agreed to such a lowly and hard work. And did not pay attention to the sidelong glances of my classmates, who often walked in the Park near their house and school. Faith and still be proud that their first money she earned independently by their own labor already in his youth.

But from the poverty that their family did not help out. And now the terrible humiliation of the Faith have experienced exactly the prom. She, anyway, didn’t have the money for the down payment to that party. And the girl so wanted to get on the iconic gala evening that she even requested the organizers to let her eat nothing and drink at the party, but only to walk around there. But she was never allowed to attend the prom.

In his youth, Brezhnev was fond of the study of foreign languages and dreamed of becoming a lawyer. But still managed to arrive only in the correspondence of the economic faculty of Dnepropetrovsk University of railway transport. After admission she simultaneously worked as a waiter and went to Secretary school, dreaming a little to improve their status. Working as a referent in its environment was considered a prestigious occupation.

Вера Брежнева: биография Золушки нашего времени

Vera Brezhnev early in his career


In such vital trials and tribulations, Faith had completely forgotten about my childhood dream and even thought about becoming a star. But the happy event turned her life around! One day in 2002 at the city festival in the river street area, there were already famous at the time of vagrancy: Nadia Granovskaya, Alena Vinnitskaya. Performing your signature then hit “Attempt №5”, the girls jokingly invited those wishing spectators on stage to sing with them. Dumplings were lucky enough to be in the forefront. She went out and sang, and danced, so much so that Vinnytsia ironically remarked: and you could easily take the place of white in “viagra”. Of course, at that time, no one treated it seriously, but the management team just in case he gave me the contact of Faith. And she was lucky!

Alena suddenly wanted to leave the “Viagra” at the peak of popularity, and the place the blonde was indeed free. Then the producers, knowing the example Granovsky that the poor girls from Ukraine – the best “material” for the group, which not only need to Shine sexy beauty, but also incredibly hard work, obeying the strict almost dictatorial discipline producers. That’s when they remembered the pretty girl from the Dnieper. She was contacted and invited to the casting. Well, you know the rest. Let young Faith couldn’t professionally sing or dance, but her outstanding form amazed, sexual magnetism attracted. And hungry eyes gave out that it will work for wear and even for small money. So doubts Konstantin Meladze, it directly and said: I’ll do anything, I’ll learn, just give a chance. Chance she got and used it in full!

Brezhnev immediately dropped everything and moved to Moscow in early 2003, the year first appeared on the scene in the new composition of Viagra. Then her colleagues began Nadya Granovskaya and Anna Sedokova. A smashing success not have to wait long. Watch their debut video “don’t leave me, beloved!” – a pleasure. It instantly became the absolute leader of all charts in the months ahead. In the end she was even recognized as the best song of the 10th anniversary version Ru.TV.

Then everything went on the thumb: what is not a song hit, endless tours, performances, TV shows, interviews, shoots, one photo shoot after another, glossy magazines, covers… For the tinsel disappeared almost unbearable the life of the group “Viagra”: strict discipline routine producers, endless journeys on tour and prohibitions on personal life.

Вера Брежнева: биография Золушки нашего времени

Vera Brezhnev in “viagra”

But at the same time some girls still somehow managed to find loopholes to have Affairs and marry for the status of men in Russia and Ukraine. And at that time they were the most enviable, desirable and prestigious brides. First Nadia left the band due to pregnancy, followed by Anya. Began the endless conveyor for the change of singers is already the best group in the post-Soviet space. Faith had been through here many a time, it seemed that was the main constant for the band.

Cinematic debut Brezhneva was held in 2005-m to year in the composition of Viagra. Then she played Motrya in the musical “Sorochinsky fairs”. Of course, it’s not serious, but it noted the good acting skills of the singer compared to her colleagues.

In the summer of 2007 years, unfortunately to many fans, Brezhnev announces his departure from the band “Viagra”. She returned to Kiev, got married and went away from the screens, ceasing to conduct any creative activity.

But in 2008-m year, Vera returned, having become not a singer, and a leading reason in Moscow again. She began to program “Magic ten” on the state “the First channel”. And here again, luck was Brezhneva. The experience was so good in her performance that offers poured in from all sides. But it is still thought about a solo singing career, and not on television. So in may 2008, the year she released her solo video for the song “I don’t play”. But TV did not let the beauty of autumn Faith dancing in the show “Ice age 2”. And besides, in this period men’s glossy Maxim for the first time calls the sexiest Brezhnev in Russia. Further such victories in various rankings Faith began to obtain in uncountable quantities. And rushed her solo career.

Вера Брежнева: биография Золушки нашего времени

Vera Brezhneva erotic

And in 2009, the year she made her full-fledged cinematic debut in the feature film. And it was a serious acting work, not for decoration pictures in the background – the main role in “Love in the big city”. Next was its sequel and the third part.

In the fall of 2009, the year she went on maternity leave, gave birth to a child and completely dedicated to his second daughter year of life.

Back in operation only in the summer of 2010 with the duet song “rose Petals” together with a fresh Moldovan star – Dan Balan. Also this year she had to go and presenter – led “Dembelsky album” by “Russian radio”. Later Brezhnev issued his first solo album called “Love will save the world.” And for his main song receives the “Golden gramophone”. Now it was being taken seriously as a solo singer.

Further, Brezhnev began to invite in other movies. In 2011, the year she scored in the famous “Trees”. However, here she played herself – so that doesn’t count.

But in 2012, again, the main role and the movie “the Jungle.”

If Faith is applied to different composers wrote songs on their own – in 2014 she presents the single “Good morning”, which was written by Konstantin Meladze. Since that time, it officially begins her to produce. So Brezhnev became the only ex-viagra, which helps the famous composer-producer.

In 2015 the second album – “VERVERA”. Its author and producer Peter.

In 2016 with great success in rolling out the film again with Vera Brezhneva in a leading role – “the best 8 dates”.

Вера Брежнева: биография Золушки нашего времени

Vera Brezhnev: the bride

Personal life: her naive men…

At the dawn of their young Faith had been married, however, informally. And at the age of 19 gave birth to her first daughter Sonia. Her father is Vitaliy Voychenko. They lived quite poor, and the Belief at the time was forced to work as a waitress. So when she got an offer from the producers of “Viagra”, then without hesitation gathered her things while her husband was not at home, took my daughter and left, leaving him with only a farewell note. However, Sonia she left for the education of the mother, as simply not had time to fully be her mother.

Already being in the “Viagra”, in 2006-m to year Faith met with one of Ukrainian major businessman – millionaire Mikhail Kiperman. In fact, the wedding girl with him and left the group. Married to Kiperman Brezhnev gave birth to a second daughter, who was given the name Sarah. Their marriage lasted neither more nor less, and 6 years. In 2012, the media crawled rumors about the divorce Kiperman and the reason was the bankruptcy of spouse. Faith long has not commented on the situation. But over time it became officially known that her second marriage is still broke. Of course, the reasons she’s not willing to call.

One of my friends Kiperman said that happened because her career took off Brezhneva and violent jealousy of Michael to all the men who could be just next to his wife. But he had objective reasons for this: it was at this time Faith began to work together with Meladze and now obviously they have zealously concealed rapprochement began then. About it later told the press and on this point the former wife of Constantine. A source close to Kiperman once told that in fact, Michael suspected his wife of having an affair with Meladze. So, the businessman hired people to spy on them and confirmed my suspicions…

Вера Брежнева: биография Золушки нашего времени

Vera Brezhnev and Marius Weisberg

In early 2013, the year during the filming of “Love in big city 3” in the Internet-mass media sparked rumors about the affair of the Faith with the Director Marius Weisberg. And with photo evidence. Naturally, they vehemently refused to comment. But at the end of this year (before the release of the movie was released) the Belief still admitted that he had a romantic relationship with Virusom, but they were short. It is likely that this is just a PR stunt. First, the shot-they are not first – Brezhnev and Varys worked together since 2008. Secondly, in that year Brezhnev and Meladze moved to a very serious level. In 2013, Kostya divorced his wife, and she said because of Faith. Besides Yana Amounts (which the musician has lived for 20 years and raised three children) pointed to the fact that her husband cheated on her with a singer for 10 years.

Faith and Peter are all these rumors she denied and hated questions about any of their personal relationships. Meanwhile, the paparazzi and then caught them together. So it was with their secret wedding in 2015-m to year. Journalists in October that year by chance spotted Faith in festive white dress and a bouquet on the arm of Constantine, leaving the Italian house, having the form of official (later turned Republican). Then they were repeatedly seen together near the house on Vozdvizhenskaya street in Kyiv – so much so that the impression was that they live there together. Then relationship and marriage Brezhneva/Meladze became so obvious that their a press-service could not be denied. So they dryly told about what really got married and it happened in a small town called Forte dei Marmi.

It’s funny: when you put all of these facts, the novel Brezhneva with Meladze began in 2005-m to year. It turns out, loving Faith got married, had children, got divorced and wound up Affairs with Directors, but through a parallel thread through her life was a loving relationship with Konstantin Meladze?

Вера Брежнева: биография Золушки нашего времени

Vera Brezhnev shooting

Interesting facts/rumors

First, the Belief in “viagra” earned very modest by star standards. It was around 200-300 dollars a month. In principle she was in the pay of the producers, so at the everyday moments spent not accounted for. But down on entertainment first money she didn’t hurry. Once in an interview, she admitted that on their first $ 100 paid courses in English. And the first 1000 made a good repair of the parent apartment. Of course, long ago Faith might give good apartment for parents, which she did, bringing them near Kiev – Borispol in a chic new building.

At the sisters of Faith life was also good due to good marriages. Older Gal living abroad. And the younger one of the twins Victoria became the wife of the famous showman Sasha Tsekalo.

Вера Брежнева: биография Золушки нашего времени

Vera Brezhnev in the restaurant


Вера Брежнева: биография Золушки нашего времени

Vera Brezhnev with Virusom

Вера Брежнева: биография Золушки нашего времени

Vera Brezhneva daughter

Вера Брежнева: биография Золушки нашего времени

Vera Brezhneva with her daughters

Вера Брежнева: биография Золушки нашего времени

Vera Brezhnev and Meladze

Вера Брежнева: биография Золушки нашего времени

Vera Brezhneva no makeup



Recently Vera Brezhnev struck by the network of intimate photos with an unknown man.

Earlier we talked about how Brezhnev celebrated mother’s Day.


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