Ukrainian Kardashian stirred up a network of cold photo: “just sex, nothing more”

Украинская Кардашьян взбудоражила сеть холодным фото: "просто секс, больше ничего"

Alain Omovich

24-the summer inhabitant of Kiev Alena Omovich often attracts the attention of subscribers photographs in the style of Kim Kardashian. Instagram model often publishes explicit photos online and don’t hide the fact that you had a boob job and constantly makes a cosmetic procedure to increase the lips and cheeks. And yet, perhaps, none of the subscribers haven’t seen her without the heavy makeup and her everyday clothing.

At this time Instagram model published a candid photo where posing without clothing, while standing on the street in the snow and freezing weather. She went out on the porch in black tights that covered her pert ass. Also her light blouse, which model pumped up, exposing the stomach, the clothes also highlights a piercing on the nipple Alena. Over the blouse she put on a black sports jacket.

A girl stands in a seductive pose arching ass and with his hands behind his back on top. She had her hair untied and fall on the face, which for them is practically not visible. Alena did not sign the picture, but she’s already posted pictures from this place, there’s geolocation, which testified to the fact that they are made in the Carpathians.

Subscribers are not passed by and began very actively to discuss a new photo on the model page. Many the like they’re shooting a girl with compliments, and some are not enthusiastic about silicone beauty model. Someone wrote that Alan had mutilated himself with plastic, and some believe that it was over the top with image editors, because it is impossible to be so perfect.

We will remind, recently Instagram model published a candid photo where posing in seductive lingerie. Her delicate bra and, apparently, the same pants, but they are hidden under the pants that the model forgot to wear. And all anything, but Alena posing on the street in the cold and snowy weather.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that the Ukrainian Kardashian fitted silicone beauty vulgar leopard.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Ukrainian Kardashian with the new video.


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