Ukrainian Kardashian forgot about decency and offend fans of the children’s topic

Украинская Кардашьян забыла о приличии и соблазняет фанатов детским топиком

Alain Omovich

24-the summer inhabitant of Kiev Alena Omovich often attracts the attention of subscribers photographs in the style of Kim Kardashian. Instagram model often publishes explicit photos online and don’t hide the fact that you had a boob job and constantly makes a cosmetic procedure to increase the lips and cheeks. And yet, perhaps, none of the subscribers haven’t seen her without the heavy makeup and her everyday clothing.

At this time Instagram the model posted a photo where she poses in a revealing outfit that bares the chest. Alena lying on the bed in a short “children’s” t-shirt and pink sweatpants. And in front of her in the frame – also in bed are plastic plates with different types of sushi. The funny thing is that the Omovich repeatedly admitted that is photographed for advertisement of food, but never eats any.

On the girl’s face a thick layer of plaster, however, as always, and the hair down. It lies in a seductive pose holding sticks with a roll and brings it to his mouth. In the caption, she wrote “There is nothing better than to spend a Sunday in bed eating rolls. Hits and cool movies. Advise horror night. I think I already have”. Also Omovich indicated where ordered sushi.

Fans had not to wait and began to discuss a new publication on the page of Alena. A sleep girl compliments, but most began to advise films to view, as requested model.

We will remind, the Ukrainian hot Kardashian showed the piercing in an intimate place, men go crazy.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that the Ukrainian Kardashian fitted silicone beauty vulgar leopard.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Ukrainian Kardashian with the new video.


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