Ukraine has banned the popular cough medicine

В Украине запретили популярный препарат от кашля

Ukraine has quarantined the popular drug for the symptomatic treatment of colds “Coldflu”. This became known from the order of the State service of Ukraine on drugs and drug control.

The resolution is required to temporarily ban the drug Koldflyu Indian production CG5702, CG15701, tablets No. 4 in the strips due to the fact that the certificate of conformity of production conditions was cancelled. So, all pharmacies must register the medicinal product in quarantine until such time as will be issued a special order of the Administration.
“Coldflu “is used for the symptomatic treatment of colds and flu, rhinitis of any etiology, including allergies, headaches, feverish conditions associated with inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

Recall: apply a plantain. Drug prices made record jump.

Recall that in Ukrainian pharmacies were forbidden to sell the saline.

In addition to the ban of antibiotics and drugs for the treatment of Central nervous system in Ukraine another important medical substance was “tabu”.

For example, in Ukraine for some time banned the sale and realization of the medicinal product Sodium chloride (saline).This became known thanks to the message of the press service of the State service for medicines and drug control.

“To temporarily ban the sale and use of drugs Sodium chloride, solution for infusion 9 mg/ml 200 ml in glass bottles, series 191767, Ukrainian production due to unforeseen adverse reactions”, – stated in the message Department.

Now all pharmacies have to place this drug in quarantine to separate orders of the Administration.

It is worth Recalling that in the forests of Dnipropetrovsk region aviation scatters rabies vaccine. Three aircraft will be working during the week to prevent an epidemic among wild animals.

The day in woodlands dropped more than forty thousand doses of the drug. Pilots create special routes in order to distribute the vaccine evenly throughout. Capsules with a vaccine hidden in bait, the size of a matchbox.

As reported by the portal Know.ia, pharmacy will disappear the most popular products. Where to look for them now Ukrainians?

Also Know As.Eeyore wrote that in Odessa died a famous TV presenter and a pharmacist.


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