Tristan Patch : “candidates for reality tv are out to make a buzz around the emptiness”

Tristan Plot : harassment, reality tv, complex.. the comedian speaks out (Interview)

Love life, relations between clubs, harassment, complex… If he told about his experience in an interview with Purebreak, Tristan Plot took the opportunity to give its opinion on the candidates to reality tv, as well as their investment products on Instagram… and the comedian doesn’t mince his words !

By incorporating a film school, Tristan Plot was destined to become a filmmaker. However, it is to humour that it is headed in 2015 and mounts her first show, “Tristan Plot think like a girl”. But it is above all thanks to his page on Facebook (110 000 subscribers) and Youtube channel (35 600 subscribers) that it is made known. If it makes you laugh by his self-deprecating humor, his character is also very endearing and has proved popular with internet users.

However, throw in the humor is not necessarily as easy as one may believe, as he told us in an interview with Purebreak, on the occasion of the release of his book “My psych prefer my ex”, released on 20 September last and in which he opens up about his love life. Besides, where is he after his break-up with Clement ? Is he still single ? If he remains mysterious on this aspect, it is much less about subjects more serious like her sexuality, her coming out or even the harassment of which he is a victim.

“I had the impression that my brain had been sucked out by the tv”

He speaks of important matters, or other lighter, Tristan Plot always keeps his best weapon : humor. He never hesitates to make fun of the candidates to reality tv, which, according to him, “are the guys cons as their feet”. “I think it’s pretty unbearable, and they shout all the time. I had the impression that my brain had been sucked out by the tv. They are there to make the buzz around the blank, it is still very violent.”, he adds, regretting the debut of the reality television show.

In addition to their passages TV, he denounces their product placements : “to have 500 000 followers, and sell coal in the story on Instagram, I find it very violent to the self-esteem anyway !”, rigole-t-il. One thing is for sure : Tristan has not his tongue in the pocket !

As a reminder, Tristan Plot plays his one-man-show affective Dependence from Thursday to Saturday at the théâtre Trévise in Paris, until 5 January 2019. Go for it !

Interview by Marion Poulle. Exclusive content. Do not reproduce without citing


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