Trip to Poland ended real hell for Ukrainian migrant workers: all the details

Поездка в Польшу закончилась настоящим адом для украинских заробитчан: все подробности

Another cautionary tale for Ukrainians who want to come to work in Poland. Not a good idea for those who have no experience of leaving to work abroad and reliable connections. Nine people enslaved in a foreign land, reports the Telegram-channel “Greedy Pete”.

As noted, men were the victims of “Polish dreams” on good earnings. But instead of good money and easy work ran into blatantly inhuman attitude that was almost b rot in slavery. Men went abroad in search of decent work. Diagram classic – they took the documents and turned them into powerless slaves, not paid, treated like animals.

Mobile phones from the victims of slavery itself, also took. After which the “good uncle” brought the victims to an unknown destination. How nine adults and intelligent men to the last not guessed that they were being deceived, and it does not smell of money is also unknown. To be precise, it smells of cheap tobacco, sweat and tears – victims forced to work in illegal tobacco factory in two shifts.

Month naive men remained in bondage. Not informed how, but they managed to get in contact with Polish and Ukrainian border guards, who came to the rescue of the victims. Exhausted, but still alive, with moral injury, and without money, the men returned home to Ukraine. Such events is also a kind of experience, but portal Know.ia” wishes everyone who goes to work, to do without it and be careful with “attractive offers” coming from dubious sources.

We will remind, the government yawns – workers thrive. In the Lviv region Security Service of Ukraine has uncovered a major Scam workers. Read how our enterprising countrymen have cheated the government for a large sum and would come out unscathed, if not for SBU.

Also earlier Znayu wrote that the Ukrainian workers in the Czech Republic will pay on-new. Czech national Bank decided to introduce in the fall of 2018 into circulation new banknotes of the two denominations of 100 and 200 kronor, according to the national Bank of Ukraine in a telegram, No. 50-0007/60040. Found out about it one of the Ukrainian media. The new banknotes will differ from the previous one, which was a regular from 1993 to 1998.

In addition: the British scientist along with her husband enslaved the Builder from Poland. The suspect was charged. The police commented on the situation: in the 21st century no one should live in slavery. It is reported that among the suspects was a teacher at the University of Southampton and her husband.


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