Tottenham fan arrested for throwing a banana on the field

Фаната Тоттенхема арестовали за брошенный на поле банан

Tottenham fan arrested for throwing banana skins in Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick of the Forward, reports The Telegraph. The incident occurred in the early London Derby after Aubameyang with team-mates celebrated a goal from a penalty.

Фаната Тоттенхема арестовали за брошенный на поле банан

Фаната Тоттенхема арестовали за брошенный на поле банан

The football Association of England will consider the episode with the racist. With his Tottenham side is going to punish a fan of the ban on visiting matches.

Note that Arsenal won the match with the score 4:2!

Donetsk Derby

In the match of the 17th round of the Premier League in the Donetsk Derby played Shakhtar and Olimpik. Match at the Metalist stadium was very entertaining and rich in moments.

Фаната Тоттенхема арестовали за брошенный на поле банан

The first score was opened by “miners” thanks to a goal by Junior Moraes in the 7th minute. But in the 66th minute it was ahead of the Olympic, for which accurate punches scored Evgeny Pasic and Vitaliy Balashov. But the team of Paulo Fonseca, managed to save the match after the goal, Junior Moraes, who aligned position being offside.

Фаната Тоттенхема арестовали за брошенный на поле банан

The dishonest goal brought the main tranel Olympic Vyacheslav Shevchuk, who began to sort things out with the panel of judges. In the end, the ex-Shakhtar player Shevchuk was removed, and the twists and turns continued in the room under the stands where the head coaches of Shakhtar and Olympique de Marseille came out after the press conference, which also allowed to criticize each other.

Note also that just before the final whistle Shakhtar midfielder Tyson rude was hit in the leg the legend of Shakhtar, who currently plays for Olympique, Oleksiy Gai.

Premier League of Ukraine. 17-th round.

Shakhtar (Donetsk) – Olimpik (Donetsk) – 2:2 (1:0)

Goals: Junior Moraes, 7, 93 – Eugene Pasic, 52, Vitaly Balashov, 66.

Shakhtar: Pyatov, Oleg Danchenko, David Khocholava (Nicholas Matvienko, 26), Serhiy Kryvtsov, Ismaily, Maicon, Taras Stepanenko (Alan Patrick, 69), Taison, Wellington Nem, Serhiy Bolbat, (Viktor Kovalenko, 65) Junior Moraes

Olympic: Kostyantin Makhno, Eugene Pasic, Igor Snurnitsyn, Dmytro Hryshko, Eugene Tsymbalyuk, Pavlo Ksenz, Vitaliy Koltsov (Anton Kravchenko, 93), Serhiy Politylo, Olexiy Gai, Vitaly Balashov, Maxim Degtyarev (Maxime Teixeira, 92)

Referee: Victor Kopiivs’ka (Kropiwnicki)

The RSC “Metalist” (Kharkov)

Audience: 2137

Temperature: -6°C

As reported by the portal Znayu decided the calendar of games of the national team of Ukraine for UEFA Euro 2020.


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