Torture and barbarism at the foundation of the Aveyron : ten years of imprisonment for Sabrina


Tortures et barbarie aux assises de l'Aveyron : dix ans de réclusion pour Sabrina

Me Jacques Derieux and Me Jessica Guy, defense attorneys.

After four days of trial, the young woman accused in the case of the lodging of Ayssènes, was convicted by the jury of assizes to ten years of imprisonment.

“I regret infinitely. It will not start.” These are the last words spoken by Sabrina before the court of assizes of Aveyron. Regrets certainly.

But still no real explanations at this fourth and last day of the trial on which he was thrust, with his mother – who died in detention, to sequester, to torture and to undergo an ordeal to their victim, Lawrence, during the night of 27 to 28 January 2016 in a bed of Ayssènes.

“The prison will be used strictly to nothing !”

It is certainly this that convinced the jurors to condemn the young woman to ten years ‘ imprisonment yesterday, following the requisitions of the advocate general asking for between eight and ten years in prison. A decision “bitter” for the two lawyers of the defence, Me, Jessica, Guy and Me Jacques Derieux.

Throughout the morning, these last have long insisted on the life of their client “exclusively made up of suffering, of sadness”. The discovery of a young girl, the body of her loving father until the relationship is toxic with her mother, passing by multiple rape, multiple attempts of suicide, addictions of various and varied (games, alcohol, drugs) until the withdrawal of the custody of his two children…

“His brothers themselves describe as a “cassos” ! It has been two years that she is in prison, she has not received a single visit, his life boils down to twelve medications per day. It looks like a spectrum when it moves forward, the prison will be used strictly to nothing ! The punishment for it, what are the care”, pointed out to Me James Derieux.

Listening to these words, Sabrina could not hold back his tears. Wednesday already, the accused, a native of Limoges, was required to apologize to his victim, Lawrence.

“Find the mode of employment of a normal life”

Interned in a psychiatric hospital, he and a companion of his mother during the incident, was not present at the verdict on Thursday. It is a hard time recovering abuse – stabbing in the chest, in the back, preceded by shots of logs and pots and pans, cigarette burns, forced ingestion of drugs in large quantities, but also shampoo and disinfectant… –, during the evening which he described as a “bloodbath”.

“Sabrina has never denied his responsibility as I was able to hear. She came here to pick up his sentence. And I am convinced that she will return to the mode of employment of a normal life and balanced in its output,” pointed out to Me, Jessica Guy before the court. Without this, not more, to deliver real explanations on this terrible behind closed doors in 2016. “Sometimes, it is necessary to accept not having all the answers to our questions,” concluded the defence. Before knowing the verdict.

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