Top 10 of the happiest baby names in 2019

Топ-10 самых счастливых имен для ребенка в 2019 году

In 2019, your family is waiting for replenishment? Then you need to know what names can give your child a real luck and happiness in the future life. Reports Clutch.

Names for girls

1. Anna

Anna is a true embodiment of femininity and lightness. It is, moreover, very smart and has an incredible memory. So what the girl if you definitely want to see my grandkids, because Anna is a born mother.

2. Arina

Arina is a determined and ambitious girl who’s done well for herself. She will be able to achieve considerable heights in his career and will be a perfect wife for her beloved husband.

Топ-10 самых счастливых имен для ребенка в 2019 году

3. Milan

With a bright and spontaneous Milan is not boring. She’s a strong character, but very feminine and graceful. Milan achieves only because of ambition and a wide circle of acquaintances.

4. Kira

Kira is strong and purposeful, straightforward and uncompromising. Witty and smart. Has leadership qualities, so often takes the position of the head.

Топ-10 самых счастливых имен для ребенка в 2019 году

5. Sofia

Sofia is an active and curious girl, who is well able to adapt to the situation. She lives not paying attention to the opinions of others. In the happy family, husband and children for her always comes first.

Names for boys

1. Andrew

It’s a guy with an incredible imagination and a very deep inner world. Constantly generating ideas, striking others with ease solve logical puzzles. Calculating, able to manipulate people so often succeeds.

Топ-10 самых счастливых имен для ребенка в 2019 году

2. Vsevolod

Vsevolod smart and strong person. Has an unusual charisma, which favorable to him all the people around them.

3. Gleb

Hleb is hardworking and always tries to achieve his goal. He is able to come up with solutions on the fly. He’s terse and gives the impression of an intelligent person.

Топ-10 самых счастливых имен для ребенка в 2019 году


4. Daniel

Dan is smart, kind and hardworking boy. He has a lot of positive features, moreover, it is the Constitution a powerful boost of energy.

5. Cyril

Cyril is a curious boy who always tries to find answers to their questions. This trait helps him to overcome life’s difficulties.

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