Tomorrow belongs to us : why Chloe has not recognized André, unlike Anna ?

Demain nous appartient : pourquoi Chloé n'a pas reconnu André, contrairement à Anna ?

Tomorrow belongs to us : why Chloe did not recognize Andrew, his father ?

Since the last episode of the Tomorrow belongs to us, released this Friday, December 7, 2018, a detail that intrigue the viewers. Then that we learn that Andrew is actually the father of Chloe and Anna Delcourt, why is Anna the only one to have it recognized ? A question that Maud Baecker replied.

While the holiday of Christmas is approaching, Tomorrow belongs to us has adapted its plot. The past few episodes, viewers were able to discover a new character : a man, played by Vincent Nemeth, who has launched a treasure hunt. Maxime and his mother Chloe, who are in the cold since her relationship with Clementine has been revealed, have both received clues mysterious in order to solve a puzzle. In the episode aired this Friday, December 7, 2018 on TF1, we discovered that the old man, named Andrew, is none other than the father of Chloe and Anna that Marianne thought of death. Besides, she faints when she sees him at the hospital.

A detail intriguing

But a question strikes the viewers : why Chloe has not recognized the light, unlike Anna ? Maud Baecker, who played Anna, has explained in an interview with Tv Leisure and you’ll see, everything becomes clear. “Everyone believed that Andrew was dead, in the measure where it had disappeared for 35 years. Only Anna knew he was alive. After having broken up with his mother and his sister, Anna was in the midst of an existential crisis. She was looking for who her father was… and found it. But at the time, he had promised that he would never return. And she kept to her this dark secret, that she could not break.”

“Chloe is going to much want Anna”

Therefore, it is assumed that Chloe was still small the last time she had seen him… Inevitably, things will escalate out of control when it’s going to learn that their father is not dead and that Anna knew. “Chloe is going to much want Anna to him you have hidden that their father was alive. They will get annoyed”, adds Maud Baecker. Same for Marianne… It’s going to be the atmosphere in the Delcourt !


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