Tomorrow belongs to us : the return of Bastien always possible ? Joffrey Platel answers

Demain nous appartient : le retour de Bastien toujours possible ? Joffrey Platel répond

Tomorrow belongs to us : the return of Bastien always possible ? Joffrey Platel answers

The return of Bastien is highly anticipated by the followers of Tomorrow belongs to us, but unfortunately for them, the character of Joffrey Platel is still in the coma. So, can we still hope to review it soon in the series of TF1 and attend its homecoming with a Victory ? The actor responds once again to the famous question.

It goes around and it comes back“, this song is a little philosophy of life Tomorrow belongs to us. Since the beginning of the series on TF1, some actors disappear for some time and come back as if by magic : this was particularly the case of Linda Hardy (Clementine Doucet, Sophie Michard (Béatrice Raynaud’s), Marsyole Fertard (Margot) or Lorie Railing (Lucy Salducci). Camille Genau (Sarah Raynaud’s), it is absent for the moment, but it should not be long to come back.

“It is a decision that does not belong to me”

However, one of the actors is still missing to the call : it is Joffrey Platel. For those of you who may have forgotten, her character Bastien is plunged into a coma for the month of January… the weather starts to become long and viewers are more and more to the idea that the actor will never come back, maybe not. But do they have reason to lose hope ? Yes and no.

I know that there are many viewers who wish the return of Bastien, but it is a decision that does not belong to me. I had a six-month contract. He took the end of that (…) This has been a great experience, it has been very rewarding and I learned a lot but, it is also all the interest of the profession to vary the characters, “says Joffrey Platel to Tv Leisure.

“I’m not against coming back,”

This is not the first time that the ex-partner Solène Herbert in Tomorrow belongs to us speaks out on his possible return : “I don’t want to spoiler, I have too much respect for the viewers not to tell upstream what will happen… or not“, he explained in may last before you admit that it is starting to come back in the series : “I’m not against coming back because it is such a beautiful adventure. So, if the opportunity presents itself, why not ? Of course !” He should just continue to wait for what… Courage !

As expected, Joffrey Platel continues his career of an actor : it has notably been able to see in Hunted alongside Jenifer on TF1 and in the Murders of Lorraine on France 3 and one will find it soon in Murders in Lisieux on the same string, with Marie-Anne Chazel.


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