“Tilla like a man”: Loboda intrigued erotica with a stranger

"На Тилля похож мужчинка": Лобода заинтриговала эротикой с незнакомцем

Svetlana Loboda

Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda published in Instagram the next video with explicit scenes. In the picture she appeared along with a mysterious stranger.

The face of the mysterious companion of the singer are not seen clearly that it gave a reason to supporters to allow a heated argument.

The Network immediately began to wonder who it could be. A lot of people have suggested that the participation of the soloist of the Rammstein’s till Lindemann, the relationship Loboda with which fans of gossip for many months.

-“It’s her husband with “Ramstein”? Well, very similar, and the song in English,” wrote one of the followers.

“Tilla like a man …” commented another.

Fans Loboda constantly find evidence of a romantic relationship with the singer lead singer of the band Rammstein Till Lindemann. Recently they were spotted together in the German capital.

Fans have seen the pair together went to the concert hall, as the legendary rocker watched the performance from the VIP boxes, and after the performance Loboda disappeared with her in an unknown direction.

Media wrote that Loboda specially took leave for one day to spend time with your loved ones in Berlin. It was reported that Svetlana Loboda and lead singer of Rammstein has arranged a secret rendezvous in Berlin.

"На Тилля похож мужчинка": Лобода заинтриговала эротикой с незнакомцем

When quinoa was discharged from the hospital after emergency surgery on the kidney, to meet her came till Lindemann. The tabloids wrote that upon learning of the hospitalization Svetlana, Lindemann decided to fly to Moscow. For the sake of the till postponed the shoot new video in Europe and bought a regular ticket economy class (business class was not available), went to the Russian capital.

"На Тилля похож мужчинка": Лобода заинтриговала эротикой с незнакомцем

Recall that while the singer Svetlana Loboda, who returned from a tour in Germany, busy with work, her alleged lover was convicted of treason. The soloist of the band “Ramstein” Tllu the Lindemann is credited with an affair with a stylist from Germany Degree El Issa.

As reported by the portal Znayu Loboda spree in the company of a man.

Also Znayu wrote Loboda shocked fans of “dressing” the


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