There is a fight, shooting: Ukrainian ships were passerovannoy attack

Идет бой, огонь на поражение: украинские корабли подверглись массированой атаке

Sunday, November 25, in the evening, became aware of the fact that the aggressor country – Russia used weapons in the Black sea against Ukrainian armored — lined MBAC “Berdyansk”. This was announced by InfoResist source in the defense Ministry of Ukraine.

Идет бой, огонь на поражение: украинские корабли подверглись массированой атаке

Ukrainian sources report that all three ships of the Ukrainian Navy captured after the assault. The Russian military is now preparing to Board the stricken armored, he lost the course.

“Russia in turn allowed weapons. One damaged Two armored boat of an armored boat and offshore tug captured. The Russians took them in tow and began to tow”, — reported a source of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine.

According to preliminary data, injuring one crew member.

Ukrainian military close in the ships. At the moment it is not known whether the opened fire of the Ukrainian military.

Later, the representative of the President of Ukraine in Crimea Borys Babin announced that the forces of the Navy deploy remedies.

Earlier, Russian warships threatening the use of weapons demanded from the commanders of armored Ukrainian Navy to stop the engines of cars.

“The commander of one of military ships of Russia got in touch with the commander MBAC and demanded to stop the move. In the case of disobedience of the Russian military promises to open fire on defeat”, — said the source.

Ship group of the Navy pursue the ten ships of the FSB of Russia and the black sea fleet. On one of the ships is a group of special forces, ready to grapple with armored and threaten the planting.

The actions of Russia towards Ukrainian ships is a violation of the UN Charter and the UN Convention on the law of the sea. About it reports the Ukrainian foreign Ministry, reacting to what is happening in the Black and Azov sea, published on the Agency’s website on Sunday.

Diplomats believe that the Russian vessel “unlawfully used force” against ships of the Ukrainian Navy.

“Such actions threaten the security of all States in the black sea region, and, therefore, require a clear response from the international community”, — concluded the foreign Ministry of Ukraine.

Recall that in the Black sea country-aggressor Russia opened fire and knocked out the armored “MAC the Berdyansk of the Ukrainian Navy. The representative of the President of Ukraine in the occupied Crimea Borys Babin announced that the naval forces of Ukraine deploying aid.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” on November 25 in the morning the Russian border guard ship rammed the tug naval forces (naval forces) of Ukraine, and in the afternoon at the Ministry of defense of Ukraine has already announced revealed shock helicopter of Russian army.

Also “Znayu” I wrote that after provoking the border of the Russian ships in Azov sea, Ukraine needs to lead in combat readiness for more power.


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