The world as seen by Claude Sérillon : the nose of the Boot


Le monde vu par Claude Sérillon : le pied de nez de la Botte

journalist Claude Sérillon is interested this week on the tussle between Italy and the European Union

The journalist Claude Sérillon is interested this week on the tussle between Italy and the European Union on the issue of the budget with, in the background, an ideological conflict.

It all starts in march 2018. The Italians will vote in the two extremes. And so it is that the Northern League’s populist trend to the right between the government with the Five stars movement trend of eco-leftist. Hitch incomprehensible to the uninitiated, but perfectly logical with a population that exceeded of duty to save migrants landed in the Boot without support from europe and the austerity measures still under the rule of the european commission. The wave of anti-Europe growing in strength. And now the government of Guiseppe Conte poses a real challenge to Brussels allowing it to increase its public debt (2 500 billion, eight times more than Greece, but the lenders are the italians).

It is assumed to detonate a straitjacket, that of the rule of the european Union concerning the deficits and spending of a state. Note that the deficit of 2.4% of the GDP of the Italians is lower than that of the French. But the Italian leaders, with the broad support of the voters of the north and the south do not intend to give up. The financial markets remain, for the moment abashed. After all, reinvest to create jobs and growth has succeeded in Portugal. If Rome doesn’t move, Brussels will not be able to do much of anything. The Commission does not have the power to impose its budgetary choices in a state. And a few possible procedures of sanction must be approved by all 27 member countries. Full Brexit other cats to whip. Paradox, the Greeks and the Portuguese (in the process of getting out of the crisis) who may fear a new whirlpool financial.

“Italy deserves respect”

After the foot of the nose, this is the arm of iron. Between the budget of the people (as it is described by Matteo Salvini, leader of the Northern League) and the discipline of the Union of logic seem to be too far apart for a compromise. On one side, it is the freedom of a democratic government, on the other, it is the respect of european commitments. The machine is stuck. In seven months, the european elections will give the opportunity to the two camps of ideological measure their forces. Then he will have to move forward together. Italy regimbe and take offense to the rejection of its budget by the commission in Brussels. This is a first in the history of the european Union. Italy is the third largest economy in the continent.

The political will of its leaders, no concessions can be contagious. “Italy deserves respect,” repeat the question of whether the supporters of his government. This new situation obliges us to redefine the living together of 500 million Europeans.


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